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UHC’s Online Childbirth and Parenting Education Classes are designed to provide information, instruction and support to all new and expecting parents as they navigate their pregnancy journey. Find answers to frequently asked questions below, or contact us directly for more details.

Is there a deadline for the completion of each lesson?
No, course lessons can be completed at your convenience. However, Zoom Q&A events are live and will not be recorded, so please be sure to tune in.
What do I need to have during the courses?
All course materials are provided online. Expectant mothers may find it useful to take notes or write down questions that come to mind during each lesson. This can help you to talk with your physician and clarify any concerns you may have.
Where can I access the lessons?
All course material will be provided online through registered membership. You must log in to the website in order to access the course and course materials.
At what point during my pregnancy should I enroll in childbirth classes?
We encourage expectant mothers to enroll as early as possible, with the first trimester (first 3 months of pregnancy) being the ideal time to begin the class. Enrolling early will give you access to vital information about the early stages of your pregnancy, and allow you to finish the class over the next four to five months prior to your delivery date. Lessons are self-paced, but live-video instruction spans across four-weeks. Some classes, like Breastfeeding Education, should be taken in the last few months of your pregnancy.
When are the Live Q&A sessions?
All enrolled participants will receive an email reminder before each live Q&A session held throughout the duration of the class.
Can my partner join me for the online classes?
Yes! Partners are encouraged to watch video lessons and go through course material to better understand their role as a support person.
What happens after I finish an online class?
All participants who finish an online class will receive a digital Certificate of Completion as well as a profile picture frame that they can use on Facebook.

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